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  • Om Shri Ramaya Namaha
    Dear Katalin,
    Happy Diwali!
    May your Light shine from within!

    Om Shanti
  • thanks .may i know what is Namaste? Greeting ?
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  • Thanks Katalin x
  • thanks dear for the Birthday wishes.
  • Namaste Katlin,
    thank you for the welcome
    it is a great honour

    om shanti
  • namaste Katlin..
    tell me more about you ??
    vaidya Adwait tripathi
  • Aloha Katalin,

    Appreciate you for reaching out on my birthday

    Feel you are a very caring nurturing person

    Blessings from Maui

  • It is nice to be with you all in this Yogic Knowledgeable Group.
    Just As the Great Saint Adi Sshankaracharya who lived in the 10the Ceentury AD recited
    " Sath sangathve Nissangatvam , Nissangathve, Nirmohathvam,
    Nirmohathve, Nischala thathvam, Nischalathathve Jeevan Mkti....

    This means that joining group of good peoplea person gradually attains the Path of Mukthi or Eternal peace to adode of God ( at the moment I am unable to get the full translation of this verse.)
    I feel happy to join this group with many learned and informed good people.
    Thank you katalin for inviting me to this SathSangh
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