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  • Deci vorbesti si romaneste!
    Multumesc frumos!
    English translation:" So, you speak Romanian language as well!
    Thank you very much!"
    (or it's just one of the miracles you can make with this modern technologies?)
  • Thank you very much, Kalipriya, for your good wishes on my birthday.
    I wish you all the best and a lot of joy in your life!
    Kind regards,
  • thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!! :)
  • Thank you for the birthdaywish.
  • Namaskar, God Bless All a peace full life and healthy life and let us all contribute to this mother nature with our sincere efforts to spread the message of peace and love for all
  • thank u my dear daughter for the birth day wishes sent to me.
  • thanks for your happy and enjoy life.
  • Thank you a lot it's soo nice to remmber me
  • HI how are you friend..........what happened I think you have for gotten me......Please reply soon.................May god bless you.Om shanti!!!!!!!!!..
This reply was deleted.