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  • Thanks,.......

    Nice to meet you.

  • Thank You so much

  • Namasté Kalipriya,

    Great and thanks for accepting my request and providing access to use Yoga Vidya resources.

    Thanks again,
    Have a good day!


  • Thanks for accepting my request for joining as a member.

  • Namaste' Kalipriya
    Thanks for adding me. I will surely make most of the advice you have sent!
    Best wishes,
  • Namaste Kalpriya,

    I am very new to this blog and would appreciate your help. Just wondering if there is a yoga teacher in malaysia.

    Thank you. May yo be well & happy.
  • Respected Kalipriya Matajee;
    Thanks for include me with Yoga Vidya...Namaste

  • Honourable Kalipriya,
    My silent salutations, My silent adoration, My silent Namaskar, My silent Prostrations, Namaste, Namaste, Jay Jay Mahakali Maa.
    I hereby sincerely express my gratitude to you for associating me as a member in Yoga Vidya International. A brief personal note may not be out of place here. At certain turning points in my life, when I would have made wrong decisions with my limited intelligence, I have felt as if my will was perceptibly bent by some Higher power which saved me from myself.
    I am happy to say that I would get the habit of reading at least few pages of an immortal classic every morning before going down into the battle and the choking dust of the day.
    with regards,
    Dinesh Gajjar

  • Most welcome!! Hope to learn new things on this forum!!!

  • Thank you Kalipriya for the very warm welcome. I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to connecting with others.

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