Albuquerque, NM

I ...

... am a Yoga Practicioner, ... am a Yoga Teacher

I am an expert in the following areas:

Intuitive Readings. The areas that I specialize in are relationships, past lives, life purpose, spiritual guidance, and communicating with your soul and those that have passed on.

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

Sivananda Yoga

More about me:

My parents, Leela Mata and Yogi Hari, became part of the Sivananda Yoga Organization in 1974 when I was six. I have wonderful memories of ringing the bell for breakfast and dinner, daily puja in the Krishna Temple, Kids Camp in Val Morin, and of Swami Vishnudevananda, walking between rows of vibrant petunia flowers. Growing up in the ashram nurtured my heart, my creativity, and gave me an amazing spiritual foundation that I am eternally grateful for.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

God is Love


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  • hi frnd wil u ever leave a comment
  • Hi, are you? nice to meet you. wish you a nice weekend
    loves and regards
  • hi Radha
    how are things going? i hope everything is fine with you!
    can you advise me some books about yoga and intuitive readings? please... :)
    i have been studying satyananda yoga books, i like him very much, maybe one day i´ll go to bihar...
    love and respect
  • Radha
    thanks for your wise words, i hope this message will find you shinning like the sun, with really hapiness and love all around you!
    respect and love
  • Namaste Devi,
    One of my favorite Shiva Chanting tapes is from your father. Mantra Series "Om Namah Shivaya" cd.
  • Hi Radha
    For a yogin it becomes almost natural to do intuitive or aura readings, dont you think so? This is a new path for me, i am making only the first steps, but i am feeling that way! Maybe i have always been a little bit sensitive... for sure like Swami Shivananda said Sadhana sadhana sadhana is the most important part... :)
    hari om
  • Namaste Radha
    I am studying aura readings, so when i saw your profile (intuitive readings), i was interested in share some experiences with you...
    Hari Om
  • Namaste Radha
    I have just come from the Sivananda center in Val Morin and know that bell you must have rung. It is a special place even in the snow. Your photos are beautiful. You live in a special place near the Ayurvedic school of David Frawley. I am a beginner at yoga and teach 2 classes to Japanese women. Peace to you in this glorious spring.
    om shanti

  • Hello Lovely...Radha ji...

    It will be my pleasure to connect with you!

    Always smile in life! As it adds to our face personality!!!

    May God blesses you with Prosperity-Joy -Peace and Meditation!

    My contact number is 00-44-(0)7966-205715
  • Om Namo Narayanaya
    Dear Radha Darshanie,
    thank you for joining. Great to see you here. Please share some photographs, some insights, some wisdom...
    All the best,
    Om Shanti, Love, Sukadev
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