Shaktiananda Yoga

Mind, Body and Heart RelationshipYoga is to practice moving energy, mind or consciousness around in the physical body to unite with the inner Self and God/dess. Yoga is an ancient tradition and is empowering to all. Moving the mind with the body is as healing as the heart is boundless. Yoga is about experiencing our body as our home. To practice Yoga liberates us from the illusion of separateness of the heart, mind and body. Yoga means union with God. Understanding our true Self is a way to feel at home everywhere. To practice Yoga is to be more engaged with all of life in harmony.The ancient Yogic teachings of the Masters of the Himalayas and of The Universal Great White Brotherhood assist souls of light, so that they might discover and experience their own inner true Self-awareness, which leads to Self-realization, Enlightenment and Oneness with the Supreme Creator; God/dess; Father/ Mother; I Am That I Am.These ancient teachings and are represented by~Gurudevi, Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda
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