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  • Sateesh Jee,
    Sadhana or being in a well organized life is all for us whether one is Yogi, Sanyashi, Grihasti, woman and man, all of us are in either material sadhana or spiritual sadhana but how one maintain the sadhana that depends upon each sadhaka.
    So, Sadhana is a continuous process but there are some specific sadhana through that one wants to receive the divine power in order to fulfill his or her spiritual as well as material desires and there are some prohibitations for a particular sadhana like saving beard, hair, cutting nail and so on.
    So, why it is prohibited? The answer as far as I experienced is all about to be in patient or up holding the situations how they come to life and the main purpose is to tell the sadhaka not to worry and keep going without having its affect on own daily life style so that they could remain in the same state without any disturbance in all conditions. These all are (Sastraokta) as per guide lines said in holy books.
    Regarding Grihasta Sanyashi, you should understand first both the characters and then the person who is sanyashi in his or grihasta life. Do you know how to burn the committed sins? If you know then well go ahead or else the best way to get apologized is to tell and accept the all committed sins before your Sadgurudev or you can also pay worship through Yagyahuti if you know.
    So, better you receive Dickcha Sanskar from your Sadgurudev and act accordingly.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • You will get your answer when you meet me. Till then keep going on the path you chosen with a very attentive attitude.

    God Bless you.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • I have studied the website, loads of useful information, i have some questions? During sadhana beard saving prohibited? What are the rituals and procedures to become grahistha sanyasi? i also understood i have commited sins what should i do to burn them?
    Jai Gurudev,
  • Keep going with your yoga and do pray to Sadgurudev for actual gyana and main reason for taking birth. Try to be pure from every respect as per YAMA and NIYAMA that will help you to get into Sadhana.

    If you can log on to the website, where you will get answers of your questions.

    Jai Gurudev,

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Namaste!

    I did my prayer on Sadgurudev, I have plans to go to India during November, till that time is there something i can practice, i have been doing yoga for one year.

    I really appreciate your helping nature for even unknown persons like me, wish you all the best for your sincere GURUSEWA,


  • I accept it but all credits go to Sadgurudev Nikhilesherananda and you should pray to him, if you like to take a dickchha you can directly go to Jodhpur you will find Trimurti Sadgurudev there because I cannot give mantra nor Dickchha. I am a disciple and want to remain as the same for GURUSEWA.

    Rest I will do according to my gyana.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Jai Gurudev!

    Wonderful, I am eligible now, great! I feel blessed. The moment you offered to guide me, I see you as my GURU. Guru Bramah Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshaat Parabramah Tasmai Sree Guruve Namah!
    Please accept my prayers and guide me further.

    Please share your email id for further knowledge sharing.

    Love Satheesh
  • In a short way please note TANTRA is a very designed way, a system through which you can do your job done successfully, Very simply take an example,

    If you want to make a cup of Tea, then you need first, a pot, water, sugar, milk teal leaf, fire etc and then at least you will have to wait till 10-15 minute to enjoy it. How how the system works you can understand. Similarly Tantra is like that.

    There are other 2 ways Dakhchin Marg and Bam Marg in which aaghori and other mantra sadhana come. I would like to suggest to get first Guru Dickchha and then proceed further for another Sadhana. Or do as per advised by your Gurudev.

    Some of the Sadhana require Hawan Kunda through which fire becomes a medium to send the Aahoti to the related God or Goddess.

    If possible you come first, I will guide you.

    All the best.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Dear Kriyanandaji,

    First things first i am really great full and fortunate that you wished Jaigurudev Nikhileshwaranada blessings on me. Believe this will brig me things together to start my sadhanas and live with higher awareness.

    There are multiple paths like, Advaidtha, tantric, baul mystic and aghori, i trust Sadgurudevs path is tantric, as per my understanding tantric sadhanas done with unknown mistakes backfires the sadhaks please correct me if my understanding is not right here.

    Well i am eager to start my tantric sadhana, i dont know which sadhana to start, i have read in website only GURU knows what sadhana i need and he guides sadhak to sucessfully complete sadhana and improve his spritual path.

    However, any sadhak can start Ganapathy sadhana or Guru Sadhana, but i believe GURU DIKSHA and INITIATION, so that road blocks will be removed and sadhana path will be easier.

    Since i live in Islamic country, is difficult to find sadhana materials like rosary mala etc., i am traveling to nearby country to buy hope i will get the materials.

    For the past few months i am reading all the sadhana information from internet but so far all are bookish knowledge only.

    Thanks very much for your enlightening words, i wish to start, hope soon my guru will shower his grace on me (may be he is already showering, in this case i should have the capability to identify him) .

    Kind Regards,

  • Dear Satheesh,

    Try your level best according to your wish you will get no doubt. Message could be in any foam and it comes to every ones life so be alive and try to understand your actual aim to be achieved will soon, All my best wishes to you.

    Where as coming to this place you can come any time. If I could do anything please do let me know.

    May Sadgurudev Nikhileshworananda bless you.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
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