From achieving a spot-free look to getting smooth tresses — using green tea in your daily life can help you become healthy and beautiful.Karpagam, national skin trainer at Naturals hair and beauty salon, has shared a few wonders of green tea, read a statement:* No-spot look: We all have faced the problem of acne at some point in our life. Some healed while a few left their mark behind. Use of umpteen creams, pills and face products unfortunately failed to make the marks fade away. With no further delay, grab a few bags of green tea and brew it in hot water, strain the water and leave it aside to cool. Now instead of cleansing your face with water each time, use this skin friendly solution. Do not wipe.Following this regime regularly will gradually aid in removing the marks and preventing acne and sudden outbreaks as well. In addition you can follow this routine with the application of a moisturiser; to reap the best benefits apply homemade green tea face moisturiser.* Sparkling eyes: Eye puffiness and dark circles are also very common these days. A simple solution to protect the eyes from all these troubles is a green tea compress treatment.Instead of throwing the tea bags into the trash bin, refrigerate them and use them as a compress over the eyes for a minimum of 20 minutes or more. The anti-oxidant content of green tea leaves cleanses the eyes and relieves all the tension around the nerves.* Tame your tresses: Hair detoxifying treatment is the latest fad to catch up among people.Though using hair products with green tea as a key ingredient is beneficial but nothing is more rewarding than a home green tea treatment. After washing the hair with shampoo instead of hair conditioner, apply water extract of green tea for conditioning. A great stimulant for hair follicles, green tea promotes growth and nourishes the hair.To know more visit Pic by Rohit suri
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