yogaguruyogisuneelsingh in Cow pose

Gomukhasana'Go' means a cow. 'Mukha" means face. When this asana is performed, the performer's posture resembles a cow-head. So it is called Gomukhasana.Method: Place the left heel on the left side of the anus. Bend the right leg in such a way that the right knee rests on the left knee and the sole of the right foot touches the lower part of the left thigh. Take the left arm to the back, bend it at the elbow and bring it upward. Now, raise the right arm, bend it at the elbow and take it to the back Lower and hold the fingers behind. Breathe slowly. Keep the trunk and the head in a straight line. Change the hands in turn. Practice this asana four times in the first week. Later, gradually increase the frequency.Benefits. This asana cures rheumatic arthritis of the lower legs and fissure. This asana cures constipation, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, backache' and arm-sprain. This asana helps in observing celibacy and keeping sound health. Joints become flexible and the bones become strong. And also strengthens the chest, the lungs and the heart. To know more log on to
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