21 Thoughts on important Spiritual Tradition of 19th to 21st Century

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In this video Sukadev shares his thoughts on important spiritual tradition of 19th to 21st Century. For more english yoga videos, music, blog posts, etc., please visit our english pages at my.yoga-vidya.org. For more information on english yoga classes, courses and seminars at Yoga Vidya, please see our english yoga seminar pages yoga-vidya.org/english/seminar. Sutdying the yogic scriputes is jnana yoga. The jnana yoga is a spiritual practice that pursues knowledge with questions such as "who am I, what am I" among others. The practitioner studies usually with the aid of a counsellor (guru), meditates, reflects, and reaches liberating insights on the nature of his own Self (Atman, soul) and its relationship to the metaphysical concept called Brahman.

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