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David Lurey chants Chandrashekara Pahimam - Xperience Festival 2017

Yoga Vidya has many festivals on spirituality, music, yoga and business. If you would like to visit one, click here.

Our eco-vegan Food, Yoga, Healing, Satsang, Music, Activism and Lifestyle headlines are waiting to take you into their world. In cooking shows, talks, workshops, yoga classes, coaching sessions and pranayama sessions, you'll get to know the real scene greats from the USA, India and the D-A-CH region up close. Under the open sky, in tents and our most beautiful yoga rooms, you will experience the spirit of a community that strives for a sustainable, value-based life. Be part of it! Create with us rooms from Sound & Silence, Conscience & Connection, Movement & Motivation. Experience yourself.

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