Gayatri Mantra by Shankari live concert - Yoga Vidya Ashram

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Throughout life experience, "THAT" essential being that enlightens existence is the adorable ONE. May all beings, through subtle and meditative intellect, perceive the brilliance of enlightened consciousness.

OM - Origin of creation, of the universe; expression of the Absolute; point of connection between absolute and relative worlds; carrier of all planes of existence; manifestation of spiritual power


BHUR - Earth; earth world; material plane of existence.

BHUVA - world between earth and heaven world; astral plane of existence


SWAH - heavenly world; pure state of consciousness; causal/göt plane of existence


TAT - THE; Absolute; Infinite; All-encompassing and All-containing


VARENYAM - worshipful; worthy of worship

BHARGO - luminous; glory; remover of ignorance

DEVASYA - luminous; glünce, radiant

DHIMAHI - intuition, meditation; power of seeing; höhere insight; we meditate

DHIYO - intellect; understanding yo nah pracodayat - which can inspire our höhere insight

YO - the one; the one; the one

NAH - our

PRACHODAYAT - to enlighten; to guide; to propel

Mantras are powerful sound energies in Sanskrit, a language of prayer and chanting


The correct application of these sound energies helps to achieve health, inner harmony, mental clarity, powerful life energy, unfolding of love and joy. The ultimate goal of Mantra Yoga, as always in yoga, is the realization of true nature, oneness with infinite life itself. Mantra Yoga is considered to be one of the most powerful, simple, safe, and quickest ways to this realization.

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