Hope [Fingerstyle Guitar Originals]

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this is a recording of a song titled « Hope » which was originally written around december 2012, and intended as a lullaby for grown-ups.the audio and performance video in this particular version have been recorded while rehearsing songs for the upcoming busking season, in may 2020.i had not originally planned to release this version, but after watching the capture and seeing that there were only a few flubs here and there, i decided to share it.the video features the beautiful Quebec City in which i'm grateful to live.§lyrics :verse 1life took back your cherries bowlin the long run even heaven takes its tollbe strong baby don't you crylet joyful thought illuminate your eyeverse 2you hardly put a foot wrongbut the way to paradise is longyou can learn from each mistakethe lesson most apposite for your sakeverse 3see the clouds are not that greyany moment the sun might shine its raysing a simple lullabylet melody kiss melancholy goodbyepre-chorushush nowtomorrow's another daywhy worry this one awaynow how can you make the most of thischorushopeful sunrisea new beginningthe smile in your eyeskeeps me goinglast chorusglorious surprisethe muse is callingwith a song in her eyesshe keeps me going§❤ thank you for your support ! ❤you're invited to subscribe to the ★ Monthly Release Club ★ to instantly get every composition i release, along with Club Exclusives and bonus materials such as demos, videos, lyrics and other works in progress :https://poligraf.bandcamp.com/monthly-release-clubamong other privileges, Club Members have access to the contents of the « Upcoming Releases » and « Creative Process » series at least one month before the general public.§★ connect via social networks ★https://www.facebook.com/christopher.andrew.stewarthttps://www.facebook.com/poligrafhttps://twitter.com/poligrafhttps://instagram.com/p0l16r4f/https://soundcloud.com/poligrafhttp://stewart-explorations.net§

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