Jay Shri Ma by Shivapriya from Mantra Circle

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(Am)       C G            Am             Am
Jay shri ma, jaya kali ma, jay shri ma.
C                    G               Dm            Am
Ananda-mayi, jay shri ma, jay shri kali ma.

In the further verses replace "kali" by: "durga", "lakshmi", "sarasvati", "devi".

Jay sri ma (literally, "Long live the auspicious mother!") is a hymn to the divine mother in her many forms.

performed by Shivapriya

The mantra helps eliminate negativities and gain new inspiration. In addition to her general forms as goddess (devi) and mother (ma), her names are sounded in the order customary on Navaratri (Hindu festival, nine nights of worshipping the divine mother): first the destructive aspect (Kali and Durga) is worshipped to eradicate the bad tendencies in our minds. Next, the creative aspect (Lakshmi) is worshipped to sow the divine and spiritually beneficial qualities in us. Lastly, the knowledge aspect (Sarasvati) is worshipped so that we may attain the highest wisdom. The tenth day of Navaratri is considered the day of the victory of the divine mother over all demonic forces, the victory of knowledge over ignorance, the victory of good over evil. Devi takes on many aspects depending on the tasks at hand. Sometimes she is tender and sweet, other times terrible and devouring. But she is always kind and gracious to her devotees.


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Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence

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