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Karma Yoga and Dharma - James Swartz - Yoga of Love, Advaita Vedanta, Bhakti Sutra Narada

Recap of the last session. Freedom as the number one priority in life. Nondual bhakti is exclusive love of the self. To progress spiritually you have to commit yourself to the vedic tradition: work through all stages. Skipping of the purification by karma yoga is not useful. Understand the progression. Take care of
all instruments. Dual love is there to qualify for nondual love.
Nondual relationship. Samsara is a zero-sum-reality. You can’t win and you can’t loose. Karma yoga is suitable to get out of samsara: prepares you for jnana yoga, jnana yoga gives you knowledge and knowledge sets you free. You need a noble idea for your life. All beings are a set of rules by Isvara that
form their nature. Svabhava and svadharma of a human being. Nature of animals. Karma yoga dharma. Example of Arjuna. Karma yogis honor samanya dharma or universal
values. Vishesha dharma or situational ethics have no simple formula. Dharma yoga. React appropriately in relation to dharma in every situation to avoid bad karma. Krishna: I am the desire that is not opposed to dharma. Adharma: Going against your nature or to go against universal values.
Adharmic action creates mental and emotional agitation. Pollute the environment and living in it is adharmic. Svadharma of someone commited to Vedanta: be a karma
yogi, develop discipline. Karma yoga is build into the indian society, that is a dharmic society. Svadharma and profession.
Karma yoga makes less stressful. You start thinking: who is this Isvara? 4. Upasana. Listening, reasoning (reflecting and getting rid of opinions that are not in harmony with the teaching), actualize the knowledge “I am the self”. Getting rid of obstacles to perfect satisfaction: by continuing the sadhana. Total sense of confidence.

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