Krishna Krishna Mahayogin - The Dancing Shiva

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Krishna Krishna Mahayogin is a mantra of faith and courage: Krishna is invoked to take away all bhayas, all fears. Krishna is Govinda, the good shepherd who brings great joy to a Paramananda. He makes sure everything is for the best - Sarvam Me Vashamanaya.

O Krishna, O Mysterious One (Krishna), You lead me to Oneness (Yoga) in a great way (Maha).
You give courage and confidence (abhayamkara) to all who devote themselves (bhaktanam) to you.
You are my good shepherd (Govinda). You lead me to the highest joy (Paramananda).
Let me know: Everything (Sarvam) that comes is good for me (Me Vasha Manaya)


Krishna Krishna Mahayogin
Bhaktanam Abhayankara
Govinda Paramananda
Sarvam Me Vasham Anaya

(Yoga Vidya e.V. Music-Project)

Credits to Maria Orlovskaya for helping film at the Xperience Festival (

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