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Spiritual Translation Yamuna Tira Vihari: Oh Krishna, I worship you. You play your games in Vrindavana. You are my protection, my good shepherd, in the midst of all difficulties. O Rama, son of Dasharatha, you give me joy. You are the joy of all creatures. Help me in all problems and difficulties, remove in me all faults and shortcomings. O Rama, you are my precious gem, my jewel. You speak to me in subtle, wonderful ways. Let me experience your presence amidst all the horrors of life.

Mantras are powerful sound energies in Sanskrit, a language for prayers and chants.

The correct use of these sound energies helps to achieve health, inner harmony, mental clarity, powerful life energy, unfoldment of love and joy. The highest goal of Mantra Yoga, as always in yoga, is the realization of true nature, oneness with infinite life itself. Mantra Yoga is considered one of the most powerful, easiest, safest and fastest ways to this realization.

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