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"Om Kali Om Mata" is a wonderful kirtan for worshipping the Divine Mother. "Om Kali" is especially a Kali Kirtan. In India, Kali worship is particularly widespread. Kali literally means "the dark one", "the mysterious one", "the black one". Kali is also the embodiment of divine love, which also manifests itself in such a way that it takes away all attachments and limitations from us. "Om Kali", Om is the cosmic sound. "Om Kali", Kali is worshipped, "Mata", Mata means Mother, "Durga Devi", Devi means Goddess, Durga is another manifestation of the Divine Mother. Durga also means "the one who overcomes all negativities", "the one who gives us comfort", "the one who helps us to experience Devi, the Goddess, everywhere". "Namo Namah. Reverence again and again."
This divine Mother manifests as Shakti, as cosmic energy, as energy throughout the universe. She also manifests as Kundalini, as inner energy, as the one who helps one to come to higher levels of consciousness.
So this mantra is also a mantra to awaken the inner energy, the kundalini. And this inner energy, which you can sometimes feel in intense yoga practices, of course, you can sometimes feel when you are intensely chanting kirtans, which sometimes manifests as inner warmth, as joy, as this force that permeates all the fibres of the being, makes it pulsate, fills our heart with joy, makes you experience ecstasy. This Kundalini is at the same time Jagadamba, the Mother of the whole universe, she is Mata, Mother, everywhere.

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