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Mantra Video: Om tare tutare chanted by Satyadevi and Harishakti

Satyadevi and Harishakti chant a mantra named “Praises to Tara" as part of the Saturday evening Satsang at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany. It´s a mantra for the worship of the goddess Tara. Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops at The green Tara embodies the active compassion of all Buddha. Originally five manifestations were worshiped. The white, yellow, red, green and blue Tara are five of 21 appearances. It is a symbol of the Divine Mother. The singing of the mantras brings comfort and healing and new strength. It helps to overcome sinister (harmful) effects on the way to liberation.

In our kirtanbook you`ll find the mantra at number 550. Here is the text to singalong:
Om tare tuttare ture Soha

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