Nature of non dual love - James Swartz - Yoga of Love, Advaita Vedanta, Bhakti Sutra Narada

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Beginning of the verses of Narada’s Bhakti Sutras. Traditional versus modern style of teaching. Vers 1: Using intellect for justification is not useful. Devotion is directed to God. Treat the people around you as if they are God. Devotion is rational. Vers 2: Focus all of your attention on one topic: who am I? Samadhana. Love is willing attention. Love of what is right here and now. You are always present. You love your self. Selflessness. You are the goodness that makes goodness good. Hate is a perverted form of bhakti. Duality: Men are defined by women. You don’t love objects, you love love. Chasing love in objects is useless. Vers 3+4: You know you don’t die and get a security benefit. The worry goes away. Immortal love. Perfection benefit. Gain of knowledge, loss of ignorance. Enlightenment sickness. Love is your nature. You are not the body. You were here before your body was born. Solution is to accept the words of the scripture. Vers 5: Life is not jiva centered anymore. Free of passion for objects. No need to feel special. Vers 6: Feel wonderstruck because you understand and fulfilled the purpose in your life. You know you are love. More Vedanta seminars. More english yoga seminars: Please visit Yoga Vidya for more inspiring talks and spiritual community:

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