Past Life Regression | Past Life Regression In Hindi | Past Life Regression Hypnosis | Part 7

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I am Yogi Buddhadeva and today I am going to share some more details about my upcoming course PAST LIFE REGRESSION HOLISTIC HEALER, or you may say the ADVANCED PAST LIFE REGRESSION HOLISTIC HEALER COURSE.As you know, that I have been teaching and I still teach the PAST LIFE REGRESSION basic course which you know by name of “SHASHVAT”. And its name is the science of spirituality, Karma, Reincarnation, and Past Life Regression. And now the advanced course, you become the holistic healer facilitator into the science of Past Life Regression.Now, what is this holistic healer?I have been teaching the Past Life Regression advanced courses earlier also, but this time there is a little difference, a little different that will defiantly unable you to become a really holistic healer. Before we go into the course of the holistic healer, we must understand what is healing and what is really healed?What we heal actually? And why this course is known as the science of spirituality?The science of spirituality is the science of knowing the very soul. Knowing the prarabha. Knowing the Karma. Knowing the Samskara. Knowing your destiny. Knowing your origin. Where from you have come and where will you go.#past​ #life​ #regression​ #healing​ #therapy​ #meditation​ #session​ #online​ #rishikesh​ #yogibudhadeva​ #yogasthvidyarishikesh​ #hindi​ #yogasthfoundation​ #hypnosis​Contact us :WhatsApp85578611638360657361Links:----------ADVANCED PAST LIFE REGRESSION HOLISTIC HEALER COURSE LINK:​Facebook Group:​...Past Life Regression videos playlist:​...Reiki videos playlist Link:​ us for Reiki, Past life Regression, kriya kundalini yoga, life coaching, yogasth foundation course, spiritual awakening:

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