Ramadasa & Radha sing Jaya Ma Durga

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Jaya means victory, honor, triumph. Ma means mother and Durga is the divine mother who protects us, who comforts us, who is the goddess of the whole universe. Durga is depicted as a beautiful woman in a red robe riding a tiger or a lion, her hand raised in blessing. That is to say, the divine mother is powerful, she is powerful, just like the tiger and the lion. She smiles, she is kind, she helps us. She has raised her hand in blessing and gives us confidence, gives us courage, gives us comfort.

"Jaya Ma Durga", a simple kirtan to worship the Divine Mother. "Jaya Ma Durga" goes very to the heart and leads to the experience of the divine presence, that's how you feel the divine mother. You can imagine that light penetrates you there, you can imagine that the divine mother touches your heart, you can feel the divine mother as a force behind every fiber of your being. And even if you're in trouble, if you're in any emotion, if you're anywhere sad or angry, you can say, “Jaya Ma Durga. O divine mother, you comfort me. Oh divine mother, you are always there for me. Jaya Ma Durga. Oh divine mother, manifest yourself in me, let me feel you. You transform me, you lead me to great joy and love.”

This version of Jaya Ma Durga is performed by Ramadasa and Radha .

Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence
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Om Shanti

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