Shanti People | XPF Live DJ Set

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Shanti People

"XPF Live DJ Set" at Xperience Festival 2023

SHANTI PEOPLE music band that mix EDM with Vedic Mantras. With their electrifying live performances and innovative sound, Shanti people has become a fan favourite among EDM enthusiasts across the globe. Their music is a fusion of ancient Mantras and contemporary electronic sound create a unique feature that sets them apart from other EDM acts.

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See you at XPF 2024

β‡οΈŽπŸ”₯β‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽπŸ”₯β‡οΈŽ SHANTI PEOPLE β‡οΈŽπŸ”₯β‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽβ‡οΈŽπŸ”₯β‡οΈŽ

Shanti People:

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