Shuddhosi Buddhosi by Shivapriya from Mantra Circle

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Am           C       G      Am
Shuddhosi buddhosi niranjanosi,
Am            C      G       Am
samsara maya parivarjitosi.
Am                 C              G         Am
Samsara svapnam tyaja moha nidram,
Am             C            G         Am
na janma mrityus tat sat svarupe.

You are forever pure. You are forever true.
And the dream of this world can never touch you.
So give up your attachment. And give up your confusion.
And fly to the space that's beyond all illusion.

This Mantra is a wonderful, very meditative, calmly and serenely sung Vedanta song.

Performed by Shivapriya

It is a lullaby that the great saint and Vedanta Master sang to her children. It says that all her children have experienced God-realization. Because she didn't just sing it, she felt it from the bottom of her heart. "Shuddhosi Buddhosi" can also be sung as a lullaby to one's own mind. One's own spirit can be angry about anything, can be worried, can be in turmoil. You can say to your mind, "Shuddhosi Buddhosi. You are pure. You are Buddhi, you are intelligence itself, you are enlightened, awakened. You are Niranjanosi." Niranjana means "untouched," "untainted."

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Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence
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