Simple mindfulness meditation with Shanmug [Explanations in English with German translation]

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Bring your attention to your breath. Let the breath naturally flow in and out to control without it. The breath is your inner anchor for your attention. Your breath is flowing in your own natural rhythm as your own rhythm of life. Count with your breaths from one to six. Which is the first step in your awareness. Then your consciousness stretching out far. Be open and receptive to what now appears in your awareness. You're full of mindfulness, this is not meditation or concentration control. Accept what you feel or think, and what passes by. You are the witness of your physical sensations and awareness of your inner power. Observe the process of being. Then go into the silence and use your breathing as an anchor again. More information about seminars with Shanmug, yoga, meditation and spiritual life can be found on the websites of Yoga Vidya

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