Swami Sivananda's song of eighteen 'Ities' | Song of ethics for virtues, happiness and peace

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Chandra Cohen and his Vedanta group are chanting a Kirtan written by Swami Sivananda.Lyrics:Shri Ram Jaya RamJaya Jaya Ram OmSerenity, regularity, absence of vanitySincerity, simplicity, veracityequanimity, fixity, non-irritabilityadaptibility, humility, tenacityintegrity, nobility, magnanimitycharity, generosity, purity.Practise daily these eighteen 'ities'you will soon attain immortality.You'll abide in eternity and infinity.You'll behold unity in diversity.Iti Iti Iti Iti ItiIti Iti Iti Iti ItiFind your local Yoga Vidya Center here: www.yoga-vidya.de/center.Here you can find an english yoga seminar.Intensive 4-weeks International Yoga Teachers‘ Training.Yoga Vidya Kirtan Book: shop.yoga-vidya.de.Free Online Kirtan Book: blog.yoga-vidya.de/kirtanheft-online.Seminars on Mantra and Music:yoga-vidya.de/seminare/interessengebiet/mantras-und-musik/

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