The Power of a Guru - Sumangala Pai | Meditation Talks

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"The Guru comes into your life when you are ready for that. Spiritual practice means to surrender, surrender yourself to a higher power - that power comes in form of your Guru", Sumangala Pai talks in this interview about her meditation practice, spiritual experiences and the power of having a Guru in your life.

For the Center of Excellence for Meditation of Yoga Vidya e.V., Yashoda talks to active meditators about their experiences and tips for meditation. In this way, the interviews support you in deepening your own meditation practice.

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Yashoda is a spiritual mentor, meditation & philosophy teacher, mindset trainer, yoga therapist and integrative nutrition coach.

In her private practice, she guides people to transform relationship pain into personal growth and spiritual evolution in order to recognize and realize one's life purpose.

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