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What postures are good for gastritis with some silight hip joint pains?


From Past 8 months I have been practicing running 2km and I have done a 5k run also very recently. But I have slight hip joint pains before 5k run and after that I still have joint pains, thought the pains are bearable they are disturbing me...I practice yoga also postures like arthacharkrasana, pavanamukthasana, suryanamaskar etc...Now I am in doubt if I can perform these postures?


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I brought myself a little bit of grief due to a similar situation. Please consult either a yoga therapist or an orthopaedic surgeon who understands yoga. My surgeon told me that yoga can never affect my hip condition. In fact, there were several postures I should have kept away from. Fortunately I did not believe the orthopaedic surgeon completely and refrained from some poses that would have otherwise brought me much harm.

If you have pain in the hip joint, impact exercise such as jogging may put too much strain on your hip. Please do consult your orthopaedic surgeon.

Hope you get better.



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