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Mimamsa Yogshala is the numero uno yoga school . It is primarily based out of Rishikesh India and has a branch at China also. They are known to offer various kinds of certified yoga courses that people can benefit from.Yoga is soon becoming a way of life. More and more people are slowly discovering yoga as a mode to be fit, lose weight and also to get mental peace. No matter what the reason might be the trend shows that every passing day the number of people adapting yoga as a way of life is on a rise. Now, when we are talking about yoga we need to understand that we need to have to learn same from the best alone in order to reap benefit. Learning it from anyone else who is not aware of the various intricacies of yoga will not be able to teach in the proper manner.

Seeing the lack of reputed and knowledgeable yoga teachers in the year 2013, Manoj Rawat came up with Mimamsayogshala. This is the heaven for yoga enthusiasts. We offer various kinds of services like yoga sessions and hiking sessions. That’s not all, to ensure that a new breed of yoga teachers can influence yoga enthusiasts they have various yoga teacher training programs like the 100 hours yoga teacher training sessions and so on. We have various yoga teachers training program but the most sought after one is the 100 hours yoga teacher training course and 200 hours yoga teacher training course.

All you need to know about the 100 hours yoga teacher training course.

This course is mainly targeted to the beginners who want to become a yoga teacher. This is also ideal for those who are looking for a short term yoga course to become teachers. The entire training session is an extensive 14 day course that covers all the beginners’ concept of Yoga like Kriyas, what are asanas, Bandhas, importance of Mudras, Healthy Ayurveda food, virtues of meditation, the effective mantras and so on. The teachers at Mimamsa Yogshala are known to have the best teachers who conduct the yoga teaching courses.

This course takes the students with the main concept of yoga and also the things that impact yoga like –Indian Culture, music, health, Ayurveda and so on. The teachers get a holistic view about how yoga works and how one can derive maximum benefit out of all the concepts together.

The panel at Mimamsa Yogshala also teaches the philosophy, history and importance of yoga to the interested.
Here are a few USP’s of the 100 hour yoga teacher training program offered by Mimamsayogshala. These are a few features offered by them

- We offer Sattvic food to the participants
- Students get accommodation along with food
- Students get to live in a natural environment so that they can grasp the concepts and connect with same
- Students are trained and guided by professional teachers alone
- Post 14 days they get a proper certification that they can use to teach students.
- Anyone can apply for this 100 hour program
- Students can also opt for a higher teacher training program by opting for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

The above are a few very good reasons why one must opt for a yoga teacher training session from Mimamsayogshala. The course is designed keeping in mind that the novice is not aware of the technicalities and the concepts are explained accordingly.

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