In the soulful vicinity of Rishikesh delve deeper into your yoga practice with the transformative program of Yoga training. Yoga is an incredible practice, a system that was developed to bestow you a better and the right kind of lifestyle without ailments. The art was developed in India, in the pristine lap of the Himalayas in Rishikesh.
Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is an important step you take to enhance your skills, deepen your practice, and intensify your learning. With one of the best yoga schools in India, start your journey of transformation, awareness, and spiritual advancement.

Program Description
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is the most important step you take to lay a stronger and lasting foundation of your practice. It is a beginner level course that holds utmost importance in shaping your practice, yogic journey, and of course, your yoga career. The program introduces you to the various important aspect of the practice and gradually trains you in the same.

• Introduction to classical yoga forms Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga
• Study of Yogic history during Philosophy session
• Adjustment and alignment sessions to perform poses injury free and in a safe way
• Meditation and Yoga Nidra relaxes your body, mind, soul, and brings spiritual awareness
• Know about the human body and how movements are related to asanas during Yoga Anatomy class
• Pranayama or breathing techniques to increase the flow of prana in the body
• Learn the importance of Mudra - gestures, and Mantras- sacred verses chanting
• Know about the usage of yoga props- blanket, block, straps, bolster, etc.
Savor your taste buds with delicious vegetarian healthy meals that are cooked merging Indian flavors and Ayurveda techniques. During yoga training at Rishikul Yogshala, three meals daily with herbal drinks are served to you for complete nourishment. The food is prepared by experienced chefs using homegrown food supplies. Your diet is healthy and balanced, which compliments your training. Special dietary requirements are also being catered if informed in prior.

Rishikul Yogshala accommodates their students at their world-class lodging facility on sharing and single room basis. The rooms are available with attached bathroom and embodied with all the required amenities. They are spacious, clean, airy, and compliment the yogic environment very well. Some of the rooms even have balconies for you to enjoy a panoramic view of nature during leisurely hours. Likewise, the dining room, living area, garden, terrace, yogashala, meditation room, etc. are designed ideally.

About Rishikul Yogshala
Perfectly deserves to be the best yoga school in India, Rishikul Yogshala is popular for their yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in India and abroad. The school was founded a decade ago to bestow a life of wellness to each individual. They pledge to provide authentic knowledge of yoga and doing so with their well-versed programs with the help of an experienced and qualified team of yoga trainers, teachers, and traditional gurus.

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