A land covered with the enthralling terrains of the Western Ghats, luxuriant beauty of tea plantation, and stimulating experience of the Laccadive Sea beaches, Kerala is surely a heaven on the planet. The life-transforming art of Yoga assorted with the spellbinding beauty of God’s own country produces a domain of utmost awareness and self-realization. In the midst of nature’s brilliance, Rishikul Yogshala presents an opportunity to dive deep into the ocean of yogic science with 300 Hour Yoga Certification in Kerala, India. The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala promises to deliver the higher level of yogic salvation through traditional yogic teaching.Date: 07 Jan- 04 Feb 2019About the Program: The program in Kerala witnesses your ultimate development as a yogi as well as a Yoga teacher. The intensive training of 300 Hour Yoga TTC covers all the aspects of traditional Yoga sourced from the ancient pieces of literature. Take a look at the principal highlights of the 300 Hour YTTC in Kerala, India:• Deep understanding of the most ancient and authentic Yoga styles- Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga which mark the origin of various other contemporary Yoga forms.• Apart from the physical practice, learn to enact the theoretical Yogic teachings practically in your life.• A deeper Meditation practice, Yoga Nidra for the unification of the mind with the body and soul.• Get acquainted with the pranic force and its vibrant energy running within the body to manufacture a disorder-free life.• A complete study of the body science during the Yoga Anatomy sessions which help in knowing the internal mechanism of the body during Yoga.• Taking Yoga to a whole new level, we put a huge emphasis on the training of Adjustment and Alignment techniques for a refined and safe asana practice.• Research in detail the science of Ayurveda in the land of its origin.Various Ayurvedic techniques for a better and sustainable living.• The utterance of various Sanskrit slokas and mantras during the Mantra Chanting sessions to get benefitted by their immense vibrational power.• Learn the ethics of a great Yoga teacher and the techniques to conduct an ideal Yoga class from the accomplished Yoga gurus.• Take part in Satsang for mental purification. Freshen your mind with Laughter Yoga and Yoga Dance at the ashram.• Capture the glimpse of India’s infamous spiritual legacy while visiting the local sites and places of historical importance.Food and AccommodationSatiate the starving cramps with the extremely palatable and wholesome meals offered at our ashram nearby Varkala beach. Our experienced and Ayurveda-expert chefs prepare these meals with utter attention and care, keeping in mind the health of aspiring yogis. Same care and love are strewed in our rooms, utterly furnished with all the basic need amenities. Enjoy the natural beauty and relish your soul witnessing the delight of Kerala’s greenery while lounging in the garden spaces and the private seating areas.Fee Details: For shared room: 1900 USD and for a private room: 2100 USDAbout Rishikul Yogshala: One of the noteworthy Yoga schools around the globe, Rishikul Yogshala is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga school aimed at taking the yogic teachings to every corner of the globe. The Rishikesh headquartered Yogshala has escalated its branches in five different countries including India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and Iran. In addition to the YTTC programs, the school offers Yoga Retreat, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama Yoga Retreat, and various Yoga TTC Scholarship programs as well.

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