Bringing the highest level of Yoga Alliance Certified learning program- the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, the town of age-old yoga heritage, we are giving a welcome call to all those dedicated practitioners who are looking for the absolute yoga immersive course of all times. The 500 hour yoga course curriculum is designed by a seamless integration of the 200 hour and 300 hour yoga learning levels intending to avail the practitioner a journey of thorough impact leading from an introductory level of yoga to the next. The design of this program is the best fit for those who have their heart set on a career as a yoga teacher.

The course is extensive, spanning over two months with only a few days off and it is highly important that the learner is prepared to take on a schedule of intensive yoga on an everyday basis. Prior knowledge and practice on part of the participant can go a long way in this thoroughly transformative learning program.

Styles central to our 500 hour course are Hatha and Ashtanga with substantial portions of viniyasa and an introduction to other yoga off-shoots like Kundalini and Iyengar yoga. Supporting your asana lessons, you will have classes with a foray into the philosophy and history of yoga as it took shape in India. Alongside preparing your body for a higher level of yogic consciousness, you will have guided meditation sessions where the mind will be trained to attain peace and sharp insightfulness. Pranayama breathing, mantra chanting, and several techniques of bringing calm and inner focus will be part of your daily practice. While the first phase that of the 200 hour course structure follows the primary series of asanas in Hatha and Ashtanga and prepares you with level 1 of meditation practices, the following 300 hour yoga teacher training course with deal with advanced concepts and practices taking you through a methodical transition from phase 1 to phase 2 without a break.

Intensive as the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training course is, we need practitioners to be completely dedicated without any distractions, therefore we believe in building an appropriate environment with deluxe accommodation facilitated with modern amenities at a picturesque idyllic location, close-knit community living with fellow yogis, and a dietary facility of quality Ayurvedic meal to keep you on a constant supply of essential nutrition for the duration of the rigorous training.

Concluding the days of the course you will have individual sessions allotted to demonstrate your yoga teaching skills and acumen to a class made up of your fellow yogis and teachers.


• A break-free merger of introductory yoga to intermediate level of Hatha and Ashtanga
• Pranayama breathing techniques of ascending levels of practice
• Mediations techniques, mantra chanting, and mental orientation towards peace
• Shat kriyas or purification techniques
• Yoga bandha or body locks
• Advanced levels of yoga adjustment-alignment
• Yoga therapy
• Ayurvedic food
• Discounted rejuvenating herbal spa and massage at in-house facility

Yoga Styles
- Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa

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