Ashtanga yoga, an important yoga style full of dynamism and strength-building exercises is now presented in the comprehensive format of yoga teacher training in July 2018 at Rishikesh, India- the world capital of yogic studies. This town, considered auspicious for its location along the banks of the holy river Ganga, is famed as an important hub of yoga since ancient times. The vibes of yogic love and wholeness runs strong in the depths of this town and invites a large number of yoga-minded people from across the world. Undergoing training in Ashtanga here can open up trainees to great to learn soulfully with opportunities to participate at yoga festivals, learning under the tutelage of traditional Indian teachers, and with visits to places of cultural heritage strewn around town.

The course curriculum lays down the main principles regarding the eight-limb of Ashtanga yoga. The primary and secondary series of asanas, pranayama breathing I and II, and meditation techniques of the basic and advanced level are covered proportionately and with suitable philosophical underlining over the introductory 200 hour and the more advanced 300 hour Yoga course of Ashtanga yoga teacher training . Besides these relevant yoga subjects, the course also initiates the trainees to “teaching methodology”. Since YTTC is a professional training course preparing its participants to share the knowledge as spiritual upliftment as a vocation, the apprentices are acquainted to the efficient methods of designing and instructing a class in yoga successfully.

This residential yoga learning program provides partakers with spacious accommodation at a tranquil part of the yoga town to ensure perfect ambience for meditation and peace disciplines. Adding more to the beautiful living environment, participants are introduced to a somewhat community lifestyle with their fellow learners. This encourages a bond of shared learning and growth with yoga. To sustain participants through a rigorous discipline of Ashtanga exercises, the school kitchen provides nutrient-rich Ayurvedic food with tasty Indian recipes, three meals per day.

For thorough rejuvenation of the body, yogis are welcome to take Ayurvedic spa and massage provided in-house at discounted rates. For mental refreshment and break from the unrelenting classes on exacting yoga asanas and heavy-bound philosophy and history, many of the days within course-time are scheduled with interesting outdoor adventure activities and group sightseeing in and around Rishikesh.


• Ashtanga yoga primary and intermediate series of asanas
• Integrative meditation with Ashtanga asanas
• Pranayama breathing technique
• Philosophical renderings on “what is Ashtanga?” and its “eight-limb” theory
• Ayurvedic food and culinary techniques
• A refreshing break with local tours and adventure

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