• Feb 7, 2020 at 11:00am to Feb 14, 2020 at 8:00pm
  • Location: The Haiwa beach residency, Kurakkanni, Near helipad, North cliff, Thiruvananthapuram-695141
  • Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2021

Rishkul Ayurshala is a great initiative taken by the famous Yoga school called Rishikul Yogshala. The Ayurshala provides proper classes for different Ayurveda Courses in Varkala as well as in different cities of India. The school focuses on the authentic way of disseminating the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda. The school also promotes the teachings of Ayurveda Beauty Courses, Ayurveda cooking courses and Ayurvedic Massage courses in India. You would also come across the Meditation courses as it relaxes your mind and intensifies your concentration. Also, Yoga Teacher Training includes the basic forms of Yoga and teachings like Pranayama and Meditation. You can have a look at the different courses and their highlights here.


• Proper learning of the fundamental concept of Ayurveda and its importance
• Basic Awareness on Ayurveda which mainly focuses on the concept and principles behind the Ayurveda Science
• Clarity on the concepts like Tri-Dosha, Panchamabhuta, Saptu Dhatu and six Rasas
• Development of the concept of Ayurvedic lifestyle and knowledge about the different treatments and remedies
• Classes of Ayurvedic Massage which is a 7 days specialized course which provides the famous Ayurvedic treatment like Panchkarma Treatment
• The course mainly teaches you the in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, Marma Points, Nadis, Chakras and Energy points
• Also, you would gain knowledge about the various herbs, oils and Ayurvedic medicines
• Ayurveda Beauty course is also a specialized 7 days course which focuses on the teachings of Ayurvedic Tips and various skin care treatments for enhancing natural glow
• Treatments like face care treatment, scalp treatment, hair treatment and foot treatment with the help of herbal Ayurvedic medicines
• Ayurveda Cooking Courses include the teachings of three doshas that govern the human body
• Learning of the human digestive body, nature of food and kinds of food such as Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic
• Learning of 10 different kinds of Ayurvedic meals
• Yoga Teacher Training also focuses on the teachings of Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Asanas, meditation and aspects of Yogic life



Kerala is blessed with amazing weather and extremely beautiful greenery. The school is located in Kerala, and so has a positive and pious aura. The students are provided basic amenities as well as shared rooms. The traditional style of living with modern facilities is offered. Vastu Shashtra is given importance keeping in mind the architecture of the school.


For internal as external transformation, the food is vegetarian and Sattvic in nature. The cuisine is made by blending the Indian spices and herbs. The Ayurvedic food removes any stimulation of toxins immediately. The idea is to feed every student properly so that they can concentrate on their training properly.

About Rishikul Ayurshala

Rishikul Ayurshala is a certified school which believes in the dissemination of the holistic approach of healing different diseases and problems and offers Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala. The idea is to eradicate any diseases and revive the health of the individual. The main motive is to improve and uplift the level of life.

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