• Nov 22, 2009 at 7:00pm to Nov 29, 2009 at 3:00pm
  • Location: Ashram Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg - Germany
  • Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2021
November 22 – 29, 2009, Bad Meinberg Ayurvedic Cooking Course with Leela Mata; Register (B091122-06) Instructor: Leela Mata Get into the secrets and basic principles of ayurvedic cooking! In the well proven combination of theory and practical workshops in cooking under the experienced and loving guidance of Leela Mata. Those who have already had the pleasure to participate in seminars and workshops with her know how deeply she can initiate you in wisdom and details which cannot so easily be found in ayurvedic cookbooks. In the theory part you’ll learn among others: the meaning of the flavours in Ayurveda the energetic effects of the different foods and their forms of preparation the effects on each Dosha (constitution, bio energies) the effects of foods and their preparation on body and mind the most reasonable composition of menus according to the constitutions (Doshas) - which foods and which combinations are good for which Dosha and in which situation. In the practical part we prepare ayurvedic and Indian dishes together as a group under consideration of ayurvedic principles. You learn to prepare dishes considering a pleasant harmony in taste » a composition that has an overall harmonizing and balancing effect the attainment of a certain healing effect We cook among other things: Dhal, Khicheri, vegetables, Chapati, Roties, Puris, Chutneys: aromatic, spicy, cooling, Curries, rice dishes such as Pulao, saffron rice, simple Indian rice, aromatic yoghurt-rice, Raitas, desserts: Halwa, Khir, Shiri, Laddhu, ayurvedic diet meals, ayurvedic tea, Lassi, Takrana, preparation of Ghee and yoghurt - and many spontaneous surprise-dishes! You cannot imagine what these exotic dishes are like? In this course you’ll learn all about them. And as we’ll enjoy them together afterwards, you’ll know exactly how tasty they are. The Ayurveda Cook Training is especially appropriate for Ayurveda health consultants, who offer ayurvedic nutritional consulting or ayurvedic cooking-workshops or want to know more about the ayurvedic cuisine. This course is also appropriate for hobby cooks and professional cooks who want to add ayurvedic dishes to their range of menus. Requirements: experience in cooking. If for professional or private reasons you would like to gain special knowledge on the vast field of cooking, the training course in whole foods is also recommended. About 80 units. Certificate: "Ayurveda Cook (BYVG)" Shared room €572; double room €670, single room €768; dormitory/tent/camp mobile €495
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