Hatha Yoga, the discipline of harmonizing “sun” and “moon” gets a notch more intensive in systematically propagating a truer self-practice and exploration into its deeper nuances with Hatha Yoga TTC to be held in Rishikesh by 200hrsyogattc for the month of Dec 2017.

In Winter season, in the pleasurable ambience of Rishikesh, India, this complete yoga immersion program will be a delight. A month-long residential program, this course is provided with a fitting environment filled with meditative peace and comforts of a homely community living arrangement with modern amenities. Spacious rooms with a view at the quieter part of town amidst nature’s serenity will keep you enveloped in depthless peace. 24x7 networking facilities at the establishment facilitate keeping in touch with the world outside. The course time has enough free slots for spending quality time with fellow yogis and friends at picturesque spots. Most assumingly, nutritious Ayurvedic meals will be provided, 3 meals a day to sustain you through the rigorous days of training, keeping you at the pink of your health.

The course is an introductory foray into Hatha, featuring the standard primary series. The series comprises different asanas in kneeling, sitting, standing, and supine postures coupled with the inversion series. To deepen your learning of Hatha yoga, the lessons on asana are complimented with pranayama and mantra awareness sessions, a delve into philosophy and history of yoga, underlining of asana benefits and contraindications, and finally wrapping up the course with demonstrative practical classes instructed by the trainees.

Attending this Yoga Alliance affiliated Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh, the heartland of yoga, is designed to prepare each trainee with sharpened intuition, better asana skills, and improved acumen for teaching yoga.


• Hatha Primary series of asanas
Surya Namaskara with mantra awareness
• Philosophy and history of yoga
• Pranayama breathing techniques
• Meditation and mantra awareness
• Ayurveda and yogic cleansing
• Yoga mudras and bandhas
• “Teaching-Methodology” in yoga pedagogy

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