India is a land of ultimate diversity. From luxuriant plains to verdant vegetation to pleasant rivers and the towering Himalayas, the spiritual country owns a number of amazing sites for a congenial Yoga practice. In the country of Yoga’s genesis, become a mastermind of Hatha Yoga by getting the ultimate level of Hatha Yoga training from Bipin Baloni. The Yoga genius presents Hatha Yoga Third Series Training in India to reach the epitome of Hatha Yoga knowledge.

Event Description:

Hatha Yoga third level is designed in an intensive manner in order to make the students aware of the advanced layers of the Yoga series. The program is for those aspirants who are already practicing as a Yoga teacher and want to enrich their education further.

Event Highlights:

• Practical lessons and discussions on the practice of each level.
• A huge emphasis is given to the deeper level of Pranayama practice which regulates the blood circulation and respiration in the body.
• Self-practice sessions with a proper guidance on the use of Adjustment and Alignment.
• Intensive training of the precise art of Meditation including Yoga Nidra for manifesting a peaceful and illuminated Self.
• Learn how to practice the asanas in a refined manner and the way of teaching students.
• A detailed discussion on how the practice of Meditation and Pranayama effects Yoga poses and the body postures.
• Elaborate discussions on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in order to adapt its teachings into the life.
• Spiritual talk and Satsang practices to learn more about the influence of Godly energy on the human body, mind, and soul.
• A comprehensive study of the ways of becoming a prodigious Yoga teacher and an authentic influencer so that the students gain most of the teachings.

Fee Details:

Tuition fee for a month of training is USD 950.

The program is conducted in Varkala and Rishikesh.

On a prior notice, we can book accommodation and plan a food facility for you.

About Bipin Baloni: Bipin Baloni is an illustrious figure in the Indian Yoga scenario. He is immensely popular among his students for his calm nature and amiable way of interacting. With 7 years of experience in the field of teaching Yoga, he is one of the highly respected teachers, particularly in Rishikesh. Yogi Bipin started his yogic journey with his training with Yogi Mahesh after getting a formal education at various Yoga schools. A huge disciple of traditional Yoga, he has a dream of making the original form of Yoga accessible to everybody around the globe. The Yoga master conducts all three levels of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in addition to the Therapy courses in India.

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