200 hours hatha yoga teacher training course complying with the yoga alliance (USA) standards at Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul, a traditional yoga school situated in Rishikesh, Himalayas, India.Intense course provide ample opportunity to be established in yogic lifestyle and acquire necessary skills to teach yoga. An opportunity to take an active step in improving health and learning more about yoga, nutrition, holistic lifestyle, mantras, life philosophy through live discourses and lectures.
Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul offers 200 hours of intensive hatha yoga teacher training program in compliance with the standards of Yoga Alliance (USA), which has set the guidelines for conducting the yoga teacher training courses through registered yoga schools (RYS) as per its curriculum.
• The idea and intention of this course is to provide elementary yoga education to the students registering for the course for making them eligible academically to take on yoga teaching as a career option.
• Although yoga is a process of continuous learning and experiencing, this course forms a paradigm for beginning to live and think yogically and to walk ahead on the aisle of happiness and profundity.
• Students are constantly encouraged to experience the concepts of traditional yoga through a progressive pattern of studying hatha yoga via an integrated formula of “do it and feel it”.
• The course is not just about training into some physical feats, rather enriching the lives of all with this science of life called Yoga.
• The traditional components of hatha yoga like Asana (yoga poses), Pranayam (yogic breathing exercises), Shatkriya (yoga cleansing actions), and Bandhas (yoga energy locks) are taught in the light of modern values and codes of cultures, so that the students can not only understand the techniques, but also can implement the knowledge of yoga which they acquire at our yoga teacher training program, towards benefiting themselves and others.
• This 200 hours yoga teacher training program extends in 4 modules covering more than 60 asanas (yoga poses), 8 pranayam techniques, several subtle breathing exercises, the 6 Shatkriyas (cleansing techniques), 3 bandhas (energy locks) and techniques of concentrating the mind.
• Students are exposed to the principles underlying these practices and techniques to safely demonstrate and teach these yoga practices in their yoga class, avoiding any unfavorable circumstances to spring up.
• The topics are delivered in practical as well as theoretical sessions, making sure that both these dimension of theory and practice becomes clear on the level of intellect with no scope for doubts or confusion.
• On successful completion of the course, participants are awarded with the certificates of completion of 200 hours of yoga training which enables them to enroll themselves as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and conduct yoga classes at a place of their choice anywhere in the world.

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