Program Overview:

Let the soothing breeze of Himalayas touch the inner folds of your mind while you meditate and connect to your inner self. Meditation Holidays in Nepal will allow you to observe your mind nonstop and the calm ambiance of Nepal will further enhance the practice. Enter a new world of peace and spend time just sitting and watching your mind. Explore the Vedic and Buddhist philosophies that rule the different meditative forms. Enhance your meditation retreat with traditional practices of Yoga, wellness activities, and mantra chanting. This life-changing retreat is the perfect amalgamation of asanas and meditation that will ensure a healthy lifestyle

Program Description:

Meditation Retreats in Nepal is designed for soul searching through meditation and rejuvenation through other wellness activities and yoga. This program will allow you to self-introspect, create inner awareness, alter consciousness, and achieve peace.

Meditate in the Himalayas:

Nepal provides a serene and peaceful ambiance to practice meditation and go deep into oneself. Meditating in the mystical Himalayas will help you ground properly with nature and discover the various dimensions of this soulful practice. This potent site helps dive deep into meditative bliss.

Different Meditation techniques:

Discover the different styles of meditation and the several subtypes within them. The variety suggests that there is a style of meditation to suit most Yogis. You can explore the various forms until you find the right one for you.

Yoga Philosophy:

Immerse in the literature aspect of Yoga and study the ancient texts of Vedas, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, and sacred scriptures. Explore the difference between Buddhist and Vedic philosophy. Experience meditation in all forms and develop a better understanding of the self.

Meditative Healing:

This meditative retreat will help you revitalize and eliminate physical as well as mental ailments. These retreats offer various wellness treatments like Ayurveda spas, massages, yoga therapy, and Ayurvedic diet to heal and restore bodily functions.

Following are the different kinds of meditations you will learn:

Soul meditation

So-ham meditation

Mindfulness meditation

Chakra meditation

Vipassana meditation and more

Best Resorts in Nepal for Meditation Retreats:

Purna Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Sadhna Yoga Retreat

Nepal Yoga Home

Tushita Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

 About Yogatrainingnepal:

Get your dose of rejuvenation and relaxation with our range of handpicked Yoga Programs. YogatrainingNepal is a loving team of spiritualists and Yoga professionals who aim to provide a platform for Yoga aspirants, to delve into the sacred study of Yoga. We enlist the best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal Programs and Yoga Retreats across Nepal to ignite your spiritual awakening.

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