Directing and adapting different intensities of concentration. The passage from states of concentration to the state of meditation. The relation between subject & object (the I & the world), interior & exterior: differentiate between focus and attention. Hearing – Listening – Perceiving: the functions of hearingAndre Riehl's Nidrâ Yoga workshops are truly inspiring and transformational. He spent years in a spiritual quest in India among masters such as Kashmiri Babu in the Shivaïte tradition, J. Krishnamurti, Sri Ma Ananda Mayi, and Chandra Swami in the Brahmanic lineage of the Udasins. Author of numerous yoga articles (also found at, he is often invited to international yoga conferences. Certified teacher in Nidrâ Yoga, Andre transmits authentic teachings with contemporary attitudes.The workshop is held in a residential setting.
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