Pranayama means the regulation of the most vital force of breath that flows through different channels of the body and sustain its functioning. Breath is the essence of life and how we breathe influences our mind and body. The practice of pranayama is essential to the process of purification that is needed for a deeper practice of meditation. The practice of correct deep breathing calms the anxious mind and corrects many lifestyle disorders and relieves you from any stress and anxiety disorder. When people have stressed their breathing becomes short and shallow that can have some really bad consequences in the long run.
We are starting a new batch of Pranayama and Meditation Program Online of 28 days. The practice of deep breathing instils the feeling of calmness and prepares the body for dhyana or seated meditation. Today’s hectic lifestyle has left no stone unturned to make our mind full of stress and anxiety.24/7 our mind is bogged with the stress of future, past incidents and never stay in the present moment. The practice of meditation has the power of transforming the monkey mind into an absolute stillness and enhances our performance. We at Rishikesh Yog mandir are committed to imparting the correct techniques of pranayama and meditation for your holistic wellbeing.
Our yoga teacher training pranayama and meditation course are intensive and teach you al the advanced technique of pranayama and meditation. We know that practice of correct breathing is essential when it comes to yoga and meditation. Our course will guide you step by step with a detailed explanation about these practices. As you put yourself in our program you will instantly feel the calming of your inner being as you will enter the state of true relaxation. Try out our pranayama and meditation course and you will discover how the correct practice of pranayama and meditation bring the change in you.
We are starting a new batch of Pranayama and Meditation Program Online of 28 days. Join us to stay healthy and fit. Registrations open to all. Apply Now
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