• Jul 31, 2009 at 8:00pm to Aug 2, 2009 at 4:00pm
  • Location: Ashram Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg - Germany
  • Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2021
July 31 – August 02, 2009, Bad Meinberg Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine Training - Beginning of Part 2/Advanced course (six weekends in the second half of 2009); Register (B090731-04) Instructor: Dr. E.P. Ellil Parambath Jeevan Part 2 deepens the basics, shows you special techniques and more ayurvedic expertise. 7th weekend: Pharmacology Ayurvedic production of medicine its dosage and application mportant medical plants, minerals and animal products in ayurvedic medicine herbal decoctions (medicine) Ayurvedic Oils, Ghees, Aristhams, Gudikas, Churnas and Lehyams 8th weekend: Diagnosis Ayurvedic Diagnosis (Vikrti) Etiology and symptoms (Nidana) 10-indication-diagnosis, including pulse diagnosis - mutual analysis of constitution considering pulse, tongue, skin, eyes, etc. 9th weekend: Treatment Process of treatment in Ayurveda Regenerative Treatment (Samana chikitsa) Purification Treatment (Panchakarma: Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Sirovireca, Raktamoksha) 10th weekend: specific diseases and their treatment (arthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis, herniated vertebral disc, dysmenorrhea, myoma, problems with menopause, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, palsies, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia) 11th weekend: Yoga and Ayurveda overall understanding of the basic principles of Yoga and Ayurveda spiritual and philosophical aspects in Yoga - Yoga as daily routine 12th weekend: Conclusion obtaining the certificates repetition, questions and answers written exam concluding with an Indian banquet, ceremonial handing over of certificates, concluding ceremony Schedule: Friday: 20.00h Meditation, Mantrachanting - ca. 21.00-22.00h Lecture; Saturday: 7.00h Meditation, Mantrachanting, short lecture -8.05-9.15h Lecture - 9.30h Yoga class - 11.00h Brunch - 13.00-18.00h Lecture/Workshop - 18.00h Dinner - 20.00-22.00h Meditation, Mantrachanting, Lecture Sunday: - 7.00h Meditation, Mantrachanting, short lecture - 8.05-9.15h Lecture - 9.30h Yoga class 11.00h Brunch - 12.30-15.30h Lecture Requirements: Part 1: no previous knowledge required Part 2: successful and complete participation in Part 1 or Ayurveda Health Consultant (BYV) or another Ayurveda Training Course recognized by BYVG. Recognized component of the Ayurveda Therapy Training. Part 1 and 2 together are also valid as replacement of the Ayurveda Health Consultant Training with regard to the Ayurveda Therapy Training. Minimum number of participants: 10 Certificate: Provided that you participate in all units of Part 1 and 2 of the Training and pass the exam, you’ll obtain the certificate "Training in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (BYVG)" of the Professional Association of Ayurveda Health Consultants (BYVG).This training does not authorize you to execute medical science in Germany, in case you do not yet possess the statutory approval of the legal authorities in charge, that means if you are not a physician or health practitioner. For Non-physicians and -health practitioners we offer as an additional component the training: “Health practitioner preparation training for the verification by the public health officer” beginning in August 2009. Part 1 and 2: about 150 unities each, together about 300 unities. Entire price Part 2 for 6 weekends: Shared room €1.282, double room €1.450, Single room €1.618, dormitory/tent/camp mobile €1.150
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