Bangalore is the technological hub of India with the most number of IT companies in the country. In the midst of the city advancing scientifically, people are forgetting their natural way of living. We are getting heavily dependent on the modern facilities ignoring the most important aspect of our existence and that is ‘health’. While our mental, as well as physical wellness, is at stake, Shwaasa Yoga Center presents Yoga classes for complete well-being at its Yoga studio in Bangalore. Achieve an ailment-free body and mind with Yoga under the honored guidance of Shwaasa Guru.

Event Description:

At Shwaasa Yoga center, the Yoga classes are offered every day in the studio with an aim to bring the lost charm of the body and mind on track. It is also an opportunity to learn the art of wholesome living based on Yoga.

Event Highlights:

• Basic knowledge of Yoga that includes the benefits and types of Yoga.
• Know about the various Yoga practices covering Mental, Physical, and Spiritual aspects.
• Daily practice of the asanas in the studio for the betterment of the body fitness.
• Relaxation therapies of Yoga with Yoga asanas like Child pose, Savasana, etc.
• Introduction to the pranic force while clearing any blockages with the breath-based practice of Pranayama and its other types.
• Muscles building with onerous poses such as Eka Hasta Vrksasana, Sayanasana, etc.
• Understanding the advantages of various yogic exercises in detail.
• Advance the working of the mind and learn how to manage anxiety and nervousness.
• Training of the yogic principles of leading the life with happiness and vigor.
• Learn how to include Yoga in the daily life routine.
• Interaction and talks related to personal and professional issues with the teacher.
• Get introduced to Chair Yoga that allows you to enjoy the benefits of Yoga even while in the chair during the office hours.

Location: 108F, MLA Layout, RMV 2nd Stage, Bhoopasandra, Near Bus-stand, Bangalore -560094, Karnataka.

• To get a detailed information about our courses, visit our website: www.shwaasa.org
• If you have any inquiry, kindly contact us at info@shwaasa.org or +91 8884612008

About Shwaasa: One of the most popular Yoga institutes in India, Shwaasa Yoga Center is the outcome of Hon’ble Guru Sri Vachananda Ji’s. Shwaasa Guru believes in the extensive potential of each and every individual on this earth that can be realized with the help of Yoga. At our centers in Bangalore and other parts of the country, we conduct Yoga classes and other programs such as Himalayan retreat, Yoga TTC, Kung Fu Yoga course, etc. Several Yoga lovers get blessed every year at Shwaasa school of Yoga.

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