Corporate yoga at Aum Yogshala- founded under Yogacharya Devender Kumar Ji, is an initiative for establishing a lasting foundation of health and inner joy in urban working lives. The idea is to prepare individuals to keep effectively functional midst of a hectic corporate environment and living by a time-crunched tight schedule. Challenges in this way of life are many—insanely long hours at work which is mostly sedentary, late night shifts, chances of acute anxiety to meet deadlines, balancing work and personal life, and so on. Corporate yoga, or yoga in the workplace helps combating such hardships by washing the mind and body clean of fatigue, and gathering more energy to live healthily. It is a form of exercise to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and confidence while diminishing anxiety and related issues.

Aum Yogshala conducted corporate yoga classes in gurgaon comprehensively introduces the following—

Asana: Yogasana or yogic physical exercise forms different series of standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, and supine sequences of asanas. Dedicated practice of asana can bring in a great number of health benefits—improved blood circulation and better heart health, flushing of lymph nodes thus improving immunity, core strengthening, impressive flexibility, and hormonal balance.

In corporate yoga, you will be introduced to asanas suitable for limited spaces at office, shortened and modified versions of sequences which put time to best utilization and integrate more of meditation to refresh and charge mentally. Common work space complaints like stiffness in the back, shoulder pain, and head ache can be eased thoroughly by taking asana breaks from time to time.

Pranayama: Pranayama breathing is an intensive diaphragmatic breath technique to control prana or the vital life force. It is said in the yoga sciences that pranayama cleanses the 72,2000 nadis or channels in the body. Deeper breathing enriches with oxygen and circulation of oxygenated blood brings about thorough purification. Pranayamic breathing techniques selected for corporate yoga classes are meant to bring instant relief from stress and related troubles. Pranayama in between stressful work hours can replace health-hazardous smoking breaks effectively.

Meditation: Meditation, the practice of inducing a state of deep consciousness is part of the yogic discipline and could be practiced in an integrative way with asanas. A meditative state of mind is ideal for successfully giving your 100% in the work at hand. Meditation with mantra awareness, breathing meditation, and walking meditation are some of the techniques you would be introduced to at corporate yoga classes in gurgaon .

Besides empowering practitioners individually, corporate yoga can also be a great team building process. To gather up for a rejuvenating yoga break together can naturally boost morale and enhance the working spirit.

How This Course Benefits Corporate Lives

• Boosted immune system, meaning lesser loss of working days due to common cold, tiredness, and non-specific sickness
• More creative inspiration and cerebral activity
• Releases endorphine to keep the joyfulness flowing and spreading
• Productivity goes up a notch with diminished lethargy and fatigue, which are replaces by alertness and energy

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