In the vicinity of India’s great spiritual legacy, become a refined Yoga practitioner by getting trained under Bipin Baloni, a recognized Yoga master in India. Improve yourself as a yogi and a Yoga teacher in the soothing shadow of Yogrishi Bipin right in the heart of Yoga Capital, Rishikesh India.

Event Description:

Through his programs, Bipin Baloni wishes to improvise the students’ yogic skills by instilling a sense of self-belief and immense spiritual teachings in them. To ensure proper attention to all the students, no more than 20 students are the part of his class. A complete attention is laid upon for the all-round development of the aspirants. The program is organized in Kerala and Rishikesh.

Event Highlights:

• An Introduction to Yoga’s traditional aspect along with the historical description of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.
• A Demonstration of the previous knowledge for assessment and direction.
• Ashtanga Yoga primary and advanced series with the knowledge of guided and Mysore style sessions.
• A complete guide to Hatha Yoga series that contains the education of all asanas and practices such as Sun Salutation, Bhujangasana, Navasana, etc., from both primary and secondary stages.
• Follow the path of Meditation to attain a vast amount of mental consciousness.
• A huge attention is given to the practice of Pranayama that is immensely important in nurturing the body and mind with pure oxygen.
• Learn about the role of pranic force in guiding the soul towards eternity.
• The art of making the body and mind feel relaxed with the practice of Yoga Nidra.
• A proper training of Adjustment and Alignment with its application on individual asanas.
• Knowledge of the Yoga philosophy with the study based on the ancient pieces of literature such as Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
• Attain mastery in Manomaya Kosha practices such as Trataka, Japa, Tanmatra Sadhna, Dhyana, etc.
• Talks between the students and the teacher on how to implement the teachings of Yoga in the life.

Fee Details:

Primary level: USD 500 (15 days)
Secondary level: USD 750 (21 days)
Third level: USD 1000 (28 days)

Note: The price is exclusive of food and accommodation, which can be arranged on a prior notice. For any query, do not hesitate to call at +91 9411723113

A detailed information about the programs can be found on the website: www.bipinbaloni.com

About Bipin Baloni:
One of the most regarded Yoga teachers in India, Bipin Baloni is known for his complete command over the traditional Yoga. Yoga master Bipin began practicing Yoga at a tender age and later joined Yogi Mahesh’ ashram in his youth days to get a higher education. Yogi Bipin is a young and confident person who believes in adopting the teachings of Yoga in life. In his training programs, he lays immense emphasis on Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. He has been teaching Yoga for the last 7 years since the establishment of the Rishikul Foundation.

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