The soul of Yoga lies in India. After all, the South Asian nation is the birth land of the holistic science. Not to mention the breathtaking natural beauty it bestows. From the Himalayan glaciers in the north to the Eastern and Western Ghats’ rich natural vegetation in the south and from the cascading waterfalls in the east to the rich cultural blend in the west- there cannot be a more pleasing place to fall in love with the yogic science than the land of sages and saints, India. Sink into the yogic spring with Shwaasa’s Yoga Retreat in India. In the vicinity of revered yogis, saints, and Yoga gurus, unleash this spiritual gift-pack in the holy land of Rishikesh.

About the Event:

This Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh promises spiritual rejuvenation and solace. The program is a magnificent opportunity to fall in love with the ancient India-born science along with participating in the intense practices of traditional Yoga and Meditation. In the companionship of our esteemed Guru, experience the yogic wind on the revered land of India.

Event Highlights:

• Learn and Practice the most traditional and authentic styles of Yoga. Get introduced to a deeper level of the holistic Yoga.
• On the uphills of the Himalayas, besides the riverbanks, experience the inner delight of Meditation and Mantra chanting. Feel the spiritual beauty of closeness to the creator via the Meditation route. Participate in the divine rehearsal of Mantra Chanting to reach a higher level of conscientiousness.
• We are an immense admirer of the breathing-based Yoga, our program revolves around Pranayama. Endure the breathing beauty of Pranayama on the trails of the Himalayas for limitless physical and mental benefits.
• Our Yoga Retreat includes fun activities, excursions, and sightseeing to various sites of historical and cultural importance. Relieve your soul by visiting the symbolic pilgrimage towns of India and celebrate the harmonizing beauty and spirit.
• Stroll on the musical and conversational road to the Almighty God by participating in Satsang under the shadow of the Guru

Food and Accommodation

At Shwaasa, we believe food is as important as Yoga itself. Realizing the same, we offer meals cooked by our Ayurveda expert chefs. Nourish yourself with a palatable yogic cuisine that we shall duly serve thrice a day. Breathe in the sterling air of the Himalayan holts around the picturesque greenery and spellbinding brooks. The accommodation provided shall not just be immensely peaceful but also well-equipped with all the modern amenities including twin-beds, TV, geysers, fans, etc.

About Shwaasa:

Established in the year 2012 by our revered guru Sri Swami Vachanand Ji Maharaj, popularly known as Shwaasa Guru, Shwaasa offers a number of Yoga programs such as Yoga teacher training, Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India, Yoga Therapy, and various unique Retreat programs across the globe. Headquartered in Bangalore, Shwaasa believes in the power of breathing (life-force), which our Guru believes is the basis of life and is of much more importance than just as a tool of existence.

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