The sacred land of India has proved to be an ideal place for the practice of Yoga, thanks to the stunning natural beauty and a rich yogic lineage the country carries. Witness your dream of becoming a well-versed Yoga teacher come true with Yoga teacher training in India. Experience the advent of stunning spring in the month of February while you embark on the holistic journey of Yoga in the shadow of the Himalayan Master Shwaasa Guru.

Event Description: The Yoga TTC is an opportunity for the aspirants to grasp the yogic knowledge that is the finest. You shall evolve as a master of the spiritual science in the holistic presence of Shwaasa Guru.

Event Highlights:

• Introduction to the sacred science of Yoga including its history and various types.
• Study about the various asanas from the ancient scriptures.
• A daily practice of the asanas at the center along with grasping the theory of Adjustment and Alignment for achieving perfection.
• Adopt the teachings of Yoga into life in order to develop as a competent yogi.
• The primary focus of the training is on the traditional aspects of Yoga.
• Indulge in the art of Pranayama for the complete nurturing of all body and spirit.
• The exercise of mental appeasement with Meditation practices.
• The study of the human body’s anatomical structure in relation to the Yoga asanas.
• Understand the role of Ayurveda and its various principles in keeping the body and mind completely healthy.
• Understand the theory of Shat Kriyas for the purification of the human body.
• Mantra Chanting and Satsang for a refined and positive mind.
• The process of transformation into a Yoga teacher during Teaching Methodology classes.

Food and Accommodation:

We believe that Yoga needs a healthy environment to be practiced in. Thus, we serve three-time completely sattvic meals that are prepared according to the Ayurveda principles. The extremely palatable food accompanies organic drinks to the nurture the overall body parts. Living in a well-furnished room that offers a splendid view of the natural panorama through the window is an experience of a lifetime. The large size of the rooms accommodated with all the modern facilities ensure that the students get a taste of actual yogic life at the center

Fee Details:


200 Hour: USD 1650 and USD 1800
300 Hour: USD 1900 and USD 2100
500 Hour: USD 3500 and USD 3900


200 Hour: USD 1450 and USD 1600
300 Hour: USD 1650 and USD 1800
500 Hour: USD 3000 and USD 3300

About Shwaasa:
Shwaasa school of Yoga is one of the prominent names in the field of India Yoga. A gift by Hon’ble Shwaasa Guru to the Yoga community, the Bangalore-based Yoga center in on the mission to create a world that is devoid of any ailments and diseases. The primary theory of the Yoga school lies in the art of Pranayama, for Guru Ji advocates hugely about the benefits of the breathing Yoga and pranic force. Some of the major programs organized by the Yoga center are Himalayan Yoga Retreat, Meditation retreat, Yoga TTC, etc.

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