India is an out-and-out goldmine of rich spiritual cultures of which many a great philosophers, poets, mystics, and saints are born, becoming the harbingers of spiritual knowledge, peace, and happiness in the world. A training of yoga in India, therefore, is like nowhere else in the globe. Let’s take this opportunity to explore Sadhana or practice, Satsang or spiritual association, and karma yoga or selfless service in India, the heartland of yoga and meditation under the esteemed tutelage of Shwaasa Guru. The revered Guru will be found presiding over important sessions of asana, philosophy, pranayama, and meditation during Yoga Teacher Training School in India at exquisite locations.

Event Description

This qualified education at the School will hone your existing physical and meditational skills, and introduce you to a broader range of spiritual practice. Purifying your body and mind of toxic physical accumulation, unresolved emotional accumulation, and anxieties, this course will melt boundaries for the development of more positive personality traits and also certifying you to become a part of the yogic educational exchange as a trained teacher.

Event Highlights

• Discover Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in light of their traditional and holistic teachings, with an introduction to primary, intermediate, and advanced asana series of these two olden stylistic schools

• Delving soul-deep in meditation under the guidance of watchful teachers, in a surrounding of nature, silence, and peace

• Explore the potential of pranayamic breath to heal and distill the mind-body of toxins, as well as find your own mechanism to tranquilize at times of acute distress

• Get hands-on correction and alignment in your postures and get perfect in your practice

• Attend Satsang with an eminent spiritual community under a sat or self-realized guru and gain an understanding of the just way life

• Receive education on how to teach yoga effectively and find purpose with your fellow yogis to teach, travel, and spread the message of joy.

Food and Accommodation

During your one month or more of training, you will be accommodated with fellow students in ashrama-style community resort homes. One has the option to share or book single rooms, but all are encouraged to live in participation and harmony with each other. Vegetarian yogic food enriched with a high nutritional value and cooked to perfection according to Ayurvedic principles is served in a colorful variety by our professional chefs.

Fee Details: 1650 USD for a Shared Room and 1800 USD for a Private Room in Kerala,

1350 USD for a Shared Room and 1500 USD for a Private Room in Rishikesh,
(Inclusive of food and excursions)

Note: Fee structure may vary according to the chosen program and location

About Shwaasa

The Shwaasa Guru attained spiritual enlightenment at an impressively early age. Disciples across genders, creeds, and nationalities have been seeking guidance in spiritual knowledge and true well being from him ever since, making a prolific teacher out of this self-realized individual. Sri Shwaasa’s organization ‘Shwaasa Yoga Center’ for yogic disciplines and courses is situated in Bangalore. 

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