What is Yoga? Yoga is a method that integrates different physical techniques, breathing, relaxation and meditation for the 3 levels of the integral human being: physical, mental and spiritual. Developing a healthy body, a lucid mind and a creative spirit. The word derives etymologically from the root meaning yuj bind, join, join. In its specific meaning yoga refers to that vast body of technical precepts and spiritual growth in India for several millennia and is the culture of the Indian man. (Excerpted from book texts of yoga DeGeorge Feuerstein) The purpose of yoga is union, and re-link the human with the all, cosmos, universe, God. As every one wants to call from their belief. And gives us the freedom to adopt or take the techniques that we believe appropriate to our development, and the route will have many benefits physically, mentally and especially spiritually. Not forgetting that the purpose of yoga is samadhi or integration with God creative source. Namasté. OM Lokah samastah sukhino vavantú Shanti, shanti, shantih!

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  • Yoga is a important part of the life which promotes the health benefits and keep away the health related issues from your life. It is best way to unite the mind, body and soul. The balance between these three elements are important in life, if any imbalanced between these elements than you will face many health issues. Yoga is the things which maintain the balance between these elements. If you facing the issue of stress and depression in your life, then give a chance to yoga which is the proven method for curing the stress and tension. If you don't known the basic principles of yoga, then join the Yoga Teacher Training in India where you will learn basic principles of yoga and meditation in deep way.

    The main purpose of the yoga is to getting aware about the health and spiritual. By doing the yoga it will help in self-healing and also lower the stress levels. It is good for the health and it will make your chance high for the living the better life as compared to the other people who are not doing the yoga.

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