Hi, my name's Jason and I'm new to this community- in fact it's the first forum of any kind I've signed up to. I live in Leeds, UK and have been practising yoga (mainly ashtanga yoga) for about 8 years now.
I have a fairly regular practice now of about 5 days a week, but as the years have gone on I find myself drawn more and more to approaching my practice as a "moving meditation"- maybe the only thing that separates yoga from other forms of exercise- or else surely it's just stretching, strengthening and keeping fit. (Obviously nothing wrong with that in itself.)
And it's very challenging to do, this moving meditation!- to keep the attention tuned inwards to the breath, to keep constantly coming back to the breath when the mind wanders. . . and wanders. To keep coming back to the breath through challenging postures, or when we feel restless, or when something's on our mind.
There must be 20 different types of yoga now- hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, power yoga, ashtanga yoga. . . . but I really like the idea that this moving meditation links all of these styles of yoga.
So I guess I was just curious to see how other yogis thought of their practice in terms of this quality of mind while moving through the postures.
Ok, first post of any kind ever completed; thank you if you're out there reading this.

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  • Hey ravi,

    Thanks for sharing. Being a yoga instructor myself, I can tell you that moving meditation is one of the easy mediation method that allows you to break free from the rules and rigidity of traditional meditation practices. You must have seen or heard that meditation constricts you but moving meditation gives you the freedom from sitting at one place with closed eyes in one position. instead, it helps you feel connected to all parts of your body and with your inner divine as well.

    I have been doing "moving meditation" since 2 years but still I feel that I am new to this form of mediation as i get new experience every time i practice it.

    At a yoga teacher training center in Goa, i have learnt about this form of meditation.

    Trust me, you will feel that you are above this world and your soul is free from the body form. Do try this moving mediation form, you will enjoy doping it.

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