Chatting about Yoga!

Who would like to chat about yoga? I'd love to chat with some of you about your yoga practice and share in your knowledge. I haven't seen many people, but I may be signing on at the wrong time. Let me know! I live in the US but I am awake often rather late and can try to stay in the chatroom.

Chatting is one of the very best ways to share and learn together online. It's hard for people to get involved in chat, given our busy schedules... but it's worth it. SO LET'S CHAT! :)

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    • Yoga is a broad spectrum, like an Environment which has different branches. We can not say yoga practice, we are following a part of it. I have been practicing since 1989, now I prefer in Trance. Trance is a dimensionless subtle mind. It does not mean anything like still water, a crystal clear of mind, far beyond thoughts, goals, and achievements as well. Thoughtless, calmness of mind and feel rather feathery weight, that renders people are interested to attain in to trance. Trance and meditation are alike for a layman, when experienced they are quite often different state of mind. Trance is thoughtless, involuntary and more subtle, while meditation is a process of enlightening consciousness. Trance invokes the intelligence within mind and activates with circumstances.

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